SYNC CampFire Philosophy

   Camps are great retreats from the normal troubles of life to focus on God and get a spiritual “booster shot.” The problem is these boosts often wear off with minimal if any follow up discipling. SYNC CampFire strongly believes in discipleship being done by and through the local church. We saw the gap in spiritual nurturing in the vital younger years of the campers, so we developed a 4 week devotional discipleship program designed to work through the local church.

   Today’s youth are the strongest visual learners and weakest readers in many generations. Typical devotional books do not hold the interest of many of them. With this problem we looked for a solution that would connect with today’s youth. We came up with four weeks of daily devotional videos built in a mobile web app. The videos are designed to be released daily for the campers to encourage a habit of daily devotions. We also understand it takes more than a short video once a day to make a good discipleship program. Discipling is a one-on-one process that cannot be just a cookie cutter format. That’s why we’ve integrated discussion forums and messaging to interact with other campers from their church and their youth leaders. All discussion forums are overseen by the youth leader of a local church to monitor and manage the direction of the discussions to help disciple the youth.

     We want to ensure the campers truly understand the Gospel, so we focus on the Gospel in the first week of devotionals. The next week when the spiritual “booster shots” wear off and the real world begins to wear on them again, we focus on the Armor of the Lord and putting off and putting on good habits. The third week we focus on the importance of doctrines and application of those doctrines in their everyday life. The final week we focus on the tougher topics of day-to-day life and how to share the Gospel with others where the campers learn disciples should be making more disciples.

     SYNC stands for Supporting Young and New Christians, and that’s what we strive to do with our Sunday School curriculum, CampFire, and our future projects from addiction programs, movies, and beyond.

To learn more or to use our program, please contact us.

Why SYNC CampFire Web App?

Week 1 - The Gospel and Its Effects
  • Day 1 – Grace and Mercy
  • Day 2 – Sanctification
  • Day 3 – Indwelt
  • Day 4 – Access
  • Day 5 – Earlity of Sin
  • Day 6 – Receive a Blessed Hope
  • Day 7 – Share and Share Alike
Week 2 - Put Off, Put On
  • Day 1 – Put Off Put On
  • Day 2 – Belt
  • Day 3 – Breastplate
  • Day 4 – Shoes
  • Day 5 – Shield
  • Day 6 – Helmet
  • Day 7 – Sword
Week 3 - Worldview
  • Day 1 – What is a Worldview?
  • Day 2 – Is My Worldview Right?
  • Day 3 – Where Did the Bible Come From?
  • Day 4 – Is Faith Reasonable?
  • Day 5 – Starting Point
  • Day 6 – Why Do I Obey?
  • Day 7 –  Is God Still Talking?
Week 4 - Relationships
  • Day 1 – Family
  • Day 2 – Where Was My Guide?
  • Day 3 – Where is God When?
  • Day 4 – Special Relationships
  • Day 5 – The Special One
  • Day 6 – The Double-Minded Teen
  • Day 7 – Keep Eating

How SYNC CampFire Works

Mobile Web App

     The mobile web app works on all devices through a web browser. The app is intuitively designed for both the campers and youth leaders. Simply enter the code provided by the SYNC team for each camp’s individual week, select the state, town, and church the camper is from, and they will automatically be placed within their local church’s SYNC CampFire group. Each church’s group is private to just that local church. All discussions will be only with that local church.

Camper Side

     The camper logs into SYNC CampFire using the code provided to the camp by SYNC. Once logged in, the camper sees the current day’s and previous days’ devotional videos and devotional text. If the student has questions or comments, they can use the discussion forum to interact with their youth leader and fellow campers. If they have a question they are afraid to ask, they can ask the questions anonymously or private message the youth leader.

Camp Staff Side

     The camp will be provided with a weekly code by the SYNC CampFire team. It is recommended to place the SYNC CampFire code in the camp booklet or other material given to the campers. Announcements of the program should be given through out the week to encourage the campers to use the program after camp. A list of churches attending the camp will be provided to the SYNC CampFire team to setup individual accounts for each church.

Church Side

     Each local church will be provided an admin login to monitor and disciple the campers from their church. The youth leader or designated adult should be set in charge.